9 Things Humans Do That Our Dogs Wish We Didn’t

Dogs have natural behaviors like barking and digging; don't punish them for being dogs.

1. Expecting Dogs to Act Human

Dogs thrive on consistency and routine; changing rules can stress them out.

2. Consistency is Key

Dogs obey for rewards, not just to make you happy; be consistent in rewarding good behavior.

3. Reward-Based Obedience

Use specific words for commands to avoid confusion; ensure everyone in the family uses the same cues.

4. Clear Command Cues

Saying "it's okay" when your dog is anxious can make them associate it with something bad.

5. It's Okay" Can Be Misleading

Gestures like pointing can stress dogs out, making them anxious.

6. Avoid Pointing or Shaking Fingers

Not all dogs like hugs; respect their comfort thresholds when showing affection.

7. Respect Personal Space

Extended eye contact with a new dog can be seen as a challenge and increase stress.

8. Avoid Staring

Dogs need physical and mental stimulation to prevent boredom and destructive behaviors.

9. Exercise is Essential

Dogs interpret the world differently, so understanding their perspective is essential for a happy relationship.

10. Remember Dogs Are Not Human

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