9 Signs Your Dog Is Super Connected to You

When your dog sniffs you, it's a sign of happiness and recognition. Your unique scent triggers pleasure in their brain.

1. They Sniff You

A dog excitedly greeting you at the door shows their strong connection to you. It means they're thrilled to see you.

2. They Greet You at the Door

Sleeping near you or with you shows trust and considers you a part of their "pack."

3. They Sleep Next to You

Dogs may offer toys as a way to connect, seek attention, or invite playtime. It's their way of saying, "Let's hang out!"

4. They Give You Gifts

Dogs who can relax and not be on high alert around you trust and feel connected to you.

6. They Ignore You Sometimes

Dogs make eye contact to understand your emotions and connect with you emotionally.

7. They Make Eye Contact

Your dog's ears perking up or turning toward you when your name is mentioned indicates a strong connection to you.

8. They React to Your Name

Some breeds instinctively try to herd, which is their way of staying close and keeping you safe.

9. They Try to Herd You

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