9 Signs That Your Dog Actually Loves You

When your dog playfully wrestles with you, it's a sign of love and bonding.

1. Playing and Roughhousing

Your dog seeks physical affection and leans on you because it makes them feel safe and loved.

2. Leaning Against You

Dogs want to be close to their humans, and sleeping together is a way of showing comfort and a sense of family.

3. Sleeping With You

Dogs may cuddle with your clothes or belongings because they love your scent and find comfort in it.

4. Cuddling with Your Belongings

While jumping isn't ideal behavior, it's often a display of excitement and affection when you return home.

5. Jumping on You

Dogs may bring you their favorite toys or broken ones as a way to play or show trust and love.

6. Bringing Gifts

Tail wagging, when combined with positive body language, is a sign of happiness and affection.

7. Wagging Tails

Maintaining eye contact with you releases oxytocin, the "love hormone," in both you and your dog, strengthening your bond.

8. Holding Eye Contact

Dogs follow their owners because they enjoy being with their human family and see you as their source of care and love.

9. Following You Around

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