9 Longest Living Dog Breeds

These little dogs can live up to 15 years, with some living as long as 18 to 20 years.

1. Chihuahua

It is not unusual for a Dachshund to live beyond 15 years.

2. Dachshund

Toy Poodles can reach 16 to 18 years of age. they need mental stimulation

3. Toy Poodle

The smaller breed often lives up to 16 years. They have high energy levels and have been bred to work.

4. Jack Russell Terrier

These friendly and adaptable dogs usually live to be 14 years old or more.

5. Shih Tzu

Maltese dogs usually live for around 15 years.

6. Maltese

Yorkies can live up to 13 to 15 years. They have terrier traits and may require regular dental care.

7. Yorkshire Terrier

Pomeranians can live up to 14 to 16 years.

8. Pomeranian

Despite being a medium sized breed, the Shiba Inu can live up to 14 to 16 years.

9. Shiba Inu