8 Tips to Get Any Cat to Like You More

Cats value their personal space. Avoid forcing interaction; instead, let them come to you.

Respect Their Space

Unlike dogs, cats may interpret direct eye contact as intimidating. Instead, mimic their body language by averting your gaze when they do.

Avoid Direct Eye Contact

Cats appreciate slow blinks. Try narrowing your eyes slowly at them; it's a sign of trust and can make them feel more comfortable.

Slow Blink

Pay attention to a cat's signals. Offer your finger for a head nudge; if they lean in, they want more attention.

Consent Test

Win a cat's heart through food. Pet them while they eat, and gradually associate petting with something positive.

Use Food

Keep your voice gentle and calm. Loud or energetic talking can scare cats away.

Speak Softly

Pet cats where they enjoy it most, usually from the head to the shoulders. Avoid the belly area unless you're certain they like it.

Scratch the Right Spots