8 Signs Your Dog Really Does Trust You

Dogs thrive on routines, and when you consistently feed, walk, or engage with them at certain times, they trust you to uphold these routines.

1. Routine Reliance

Studies show that when dogs and owners gaze into each other's eyes, their oxytocin levels rise, indicating a bond of trust and affection.

2. Eyes of Trust

If your dog chooses to sleep in your room, it's a sign of comfort and trust in your presence.

3. Sleeping Companionship

Dogs can sense your emotions. They are less likely to trust you when you're in a bad mood, so staying calm and positive is important.

4. Emotion Reading

While it might seem annoying when your dog takes your belongings, it could be a sign of comfort and connection to your scent.

5. Object Connection

Understanding your dog's body language and respecting their cues builds trust. Practice "consent petting" to ensure your dog is comfortable with physical interaction.

6. Body Language

The dirertion of your dog's tail wag can reveal their emotions. A right-leaning wag indicates positive feelings and trust.

7. Tail Wag Direction

Dogs that look to you for guidance, copy your emotions, and seek your company demonstrate a strong bond, familiarity, and comfort.

8. Follow the Leader

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