8 Questions to Ask a Dog Breeder

Ensure the breeder has evidence of the stud dog used and that you see both parents to verify purebred status.

1. Can I See Both of the Parents?

Seeing puppies with their mother helps assess their health and the mother's care.

2.Can I See the Puppies with Their Mom?

Puppies should not be adopted before 8 weeks of age to avoid attachment issues.

3. How Old are the Puppies Being Adopted?

Puppies should be fully weaned before adoption to avoid health and nutritional issues.

4. Are the Puppies Weaned from Their Mother?

The mother should be 1-7 years old, not exceeding 7 years.

5.How Old is the Mom?

A responsible breeder won't overbreed; the legal limit is generally four to six litters.

6. How Many Litters has the Mom had so Far?

Request proof that the puppies have been checked and wormed by a vet.

7. Have the Puppies Been Wormed and Checked?

Good breeders ensure puppies receive their initial vaccinations around 6-8 weeks of age.

8. Have the Puppies had Their Vaccinations?

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