8 dog breeds that get along well with cats

Friendly and sociable, they do well with children, dogs, and other animals.

1. Sussex Spaniel

Intelligent and eager to please, golden retrievers make great family pets.

2. Golden Retriever

Originally bred to work with cows and sheep, these dogs have a gentle and easygoing demeanor.

3. Bernese Mountain Dog

This cheerful and happy breed is known for its small size and playful nature.

4. Bichon Frize

With a history of working with hunters, English setters are adaptable and can be trained to live with a variety of animals.

5. English Setter

Despite the stereotype, poodles are exceptionally smart, active, and excellent at obedience training.

6. Poodles

Intelligent and majestic, Pekingese make great family companions.

7. Pekingese

With a balanced and playful personality, pugs love to be around their people.

8. Pug