8 Big Fluffy Dog Breeds

Large, white-coated breed with a history in guarding livestock. Known for their vocal nature and loyalty.

Pyrenees Mountain Dog

Originating in Switzerland, these dogs are versatile working dogs with fluffy coats, shedding year-round.

Bernese Mountain Dog

Big, fluffy dogs with dense coats, low shedding, and unique blue-black tongues. Low-maintenance grooming.

Chow Chow

Known for their Impressive white coats, these dogs require high maintenance grooming during shedding season.


A giant breed with a sweet personality, they have heavy shedding coats and are best for active families.


A newer breed with a big coat, requiring regular grooming, and experiencing heavy shedding twice a year.


Considered one of the most expensive breeds, they have an impressive mane and require regular grooming due to shedding.

Tibetan Mastiff

Giant and mischievous dogs with thick coats that shed heavily twice a year, requiring regular brushing and suiting active owners.


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