8 Best Haircuts For Men With Straight Hair

A versatile and textured fringe haircut is recommended for added life and volume.

1. Textured Fringe

This edgy style involves a shaved part, often paired with a fade, for a modern look.

2. Hard Part

A shorter version of the quiff haircut is flattering and easy to maintain.

3. Short Quiff

A classic yet modern tapered cut can make straight hair look full and thick.

4. Medium-Length Taper

Suitable for thinning straight hair, it's low-maintenance and masculine.

5. Buzz Cut

While high-maintenance, this cut can work well for those with straight hair who want a distinct style.

6. Disconnected High Fade

Combining the undercut with a slicked-back look creates a modern yet classic hairstyle.

7. Slick Back Undercut

A versatile and less dramatic version of the mohawk, it requires the right product for a natural look.

8. Short Faux Hawk


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