7 Dog Breeds That Love to Show Affection Through Licking

Labrador Retrievers are well-known for their outgoing and friendly nature. They hold the top spot as the most "licky" breed, showing affection to people of all age groups.

Labrador Retriever

Poodles are not only famous for their elegant appearance but also for their frequent displays of affection through licking. They do it to express love and gain attention, making them devoted companions.


Golden Retrievers are synonymous with loyalty and love, both towards humans and their beloved toys. Their affectionate nature extends to licking, making them a perfect choice for those seeking a dog as loving as they are.

Golden Retriever

Dachshunds love to use both their tongues and noses to express their love and curiosity. They thrive on affection and enjoy being close to their owners. Their adorable antics are sure to warm your heart.


German Shepherds are not just protective; they're also among the most "licky" breeds. They might lick to soothe themselves or simply to grab your attention.

German Shepherd

Beagles have an adventurous spirit and a penchant for licking not just humans but furniture and floors too! This behavior traces back to their comforting interactions with their mothers as puppies.


Corgis are incredibly joyful and loyal creatures. While they may be selective with their licks, once you become their target, they won't stop. Their fun-loving temperament and unwavering loyalty make them adorable "lickers."


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