6 Heartwarming Signs Your Cat Has Imprinted on You

An imprinted cat craves your presence, following you around the house and seeking physical contact.

1. Constant Desire for Your Company

They may have a special sound reserved just for you, signaling their need for attention.

2. Unique Vocalization

Imprinted cats may feel anxious when apart from you for too long.

3. Separation Distress

They pay close attention to your voice, gestures, and facial expressions.

4. Responsive to Your Cues

Some cats mimic their owner's actions.

5. Mirror Your Behavior

Relaxed body language, purring, and slow blinking indicate their deep contentment and security with you.

6. Trust and Comfort

Imprinted cats bond closely, seeking your attention and affection.

How to Tell If a Cat Has Imprinted on You

For kittens, imprinting typically happens between two and seven weeks after birth.

When Does Kitten Imprinting Occur?

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