The '90s are making a comeback with hairstyles like Leonardo DiCaprio's famous "Titanic" cut. Celebrities like Felix Mallard are sporting these throwback layers and center parts.

The Leo

Elevate the classic fade with bleach, giving your clients a head-turning, bright, and blended look.

Bleached-Out Fade

This style combines natural texture on top with a clean, tapered cut underneath, offering versatility and manageability.

Piecey Texture with Fade

For clients torn between chopping their hair or letting it grow, this trendy chop allows for both options, whether it's braids, curls, or long layers.

A Little on the Top

Messy 'skater' hair continues to be a stylish choice, offering a lived-in look that's easy to maintain.

Midlength Natural Texture

This modern take on the classic bowl cut features strategic fades on the sides and back, making it edgy and versatile.

The Edgar

The pompadour hairstyle adds class and sass to any look and can be adapted to different lengths, textures, and face shapes.

Pouf & Swoop

This bold and edgy look emphasizes the contrast between the crown and sides, creating a noticeable and sharp style.

Disconnected Undercuts


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