10 Ways To Tell If Your Dog Is Bonded To You

If your dog is bonded to you, they won't dash out the door every time it's opened.

1. Curiosity without Rushing

Dogs that trust and are bonded to you may not always snuggle, but if they rest their head on your lap or foot, it's a sign of trust.

2. Head Resting

A bonded dog will give you loving and affectionate puppy dog eyes.

3. Puppy Dog Eyes

When you come home, a bonded dog will get excited.

4. Excitement Upon Arrival

Dogs truly bonded to their owners will make a sincere effort to learn and follow commands.

5. Eager to Please

Bonded dogs may miss you when you're gone, but they won't display excessive anxiety or destructive behavior.

6. Not Anxious When You Leave

A dog that is bonded to you will remain relatively calm during grooming sessions.

7. Calmness During Grooming

A bonded dog will actively seek your attention.

8. Seeking Your Attention

Dogs that are bonded to their owners tend to be more playful when in their presence.

9. Playfulness Around You

A bonded dog will exhibit gentle behavior, especially around children or other pets.

10. Gentle Behavior

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