10 Ways to Locate Your Missing Cat

Begin by searching your own yard, as indoor cats that sneak out often stay close to home.

1. Check Your Yard

Leave food on your porch with an electronic baby monitor aimed at the bowl to listen for your cat's return.

2. Use a Baby Monitor

Design flyers with your cat's picture, offer a reward, and distribute them within a three-block radius, as well as in local stores and on telephone poles.

3. Create Flyers

Inform your local animal control officer, provide them with a flyer, and ask them to keep an eye out for your cat.

4. Alert Animal Control

Call local veterinarians to inquire if someone brought in your injured cat.

5.Contact Veterinarians

Visit your local animal shelter, leave a flyer, and inquire about any cats matching your cat's description.

6.Visit Animal Shelters

Place "lost and found" ads in local newspapers and check the "found cats" listings.

7. Advertise

Post on local lost/found pet pages on the internet and social media platforms.

8. Use Social Media

Contact local rescue organizations and ask if they have a cat meeting your cat's description.

9. Check Rescue Organizations

If needed, hire a pet detective trained in tracking lost animals.

10. Consider a Pet Detective

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