10 Ways to give Signs to Your Crush you like him

Keep an open and engaged appearance. Make eye contact during conversations and wear a friendly smile to drop a hint.

1. Smile and Eye Contact

Playfully brush against him or hold a hug a bit longer, signaling your comfort and interest.

2. Casual Touching

Take the initiative to talk to him, whether through text messages or in person, to show you care about interacting with him.

3. Initiate Conversation

Boost his confidence with genuine compliments on his appearance or character.

4. Compliment

Include him in your plans, indicating that you enjoy spending time with him.

5. Invite to Hang Out

Show interest in him by asking questions about his interests, experiences, and opinions.

6. Ask Questions

Light-hearted banter injects humor and demonstrates comfort around him.

7. Playful Teasing

Show your interest by actively engaging in conversations and asking follow-up questions.

8. Keep Conversations Going

Playfully joke about being together to gauge his response and suggest your interest.

9. Make Dating Jokes

Consider giving a thoughtful, small gift as a subtle way to show your affection.

10. Small Gifts