10 Ways to be a Good Dog Owner

Dogs rely on their noses to experience the world, so take longer walks in different places to let them sniff around.

1. Explore New Walks

Engage your dog in physical activities like agility, hiking, swimming, or a game of fetch to keep them healthy and happy.

2. Get Active

Provide your dog with enrichment toys and engage in brief training sessions during walks to exercise their brains.

3. Mental Stimulation

Keep up with training, teaching your dog new tricks, reinforcing good behavior, and considering obedience refresher courses.

4. Ongoing Training

When at the dog park, prioritize your dog's well-being over socializing with others. Pay attention to your furry friend.

5. Dog Park Focus

Add diversity to your dog's diet with occasional people food additions, homemade treats, or a creative "barkuterie" board.

6. Culinary Variety

Regularly groom your dog at home, which includes checking ears, nails, fur, and teeth, to keep them comfortable and healthy.

7. Home Check-Ups

Ensure your dog's microchip information is up-to-date, or schedule an appointment to get one. Don't forget to check your dog's ID tags.

8. Microchip & ID

Consider fostering a shelter dog if possible, or sponsor one if you can't foster. It's a great way to help dogs in need.

9. Foster or Sponsor

Opt for sustainable and earth-friendly pet products, such as dog beds and toys, to reduce your environmental impact.

10. Eco-Friendly Choices


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