10 Ways Puppies Show Love

A puppy's tail wag is an invitation for attention and a warm welcome.

1. Tail Wagging

Puppies express love by licking your hands, eyes, or mouth, signifying their connection with you.

2. Licking

Jumping up with excitement and aiming for your face is a joyful puppy greeting.

3. Leaping

When a puppy rolls over, it shows trust and a desire to be friends, as they make themselves vulnerable.

4. Rolling Over

Offering a paw or pawing your leg is a way puppies seek attention and express affection.

5. Shaking Paws

Puppies frequently crawl into your lap, demonstrating their need for contact, trust, and affection.

6. Climbing into Your Lap

Sharing nap time with you showcases deep trust as puppies fall asleep in your presence.

7. Napping Together

Some puppies may urinate when excited or when they sense your authority, signifying their recognition of your leadership.

8. Submissive Urination

Puppies may chew on objects that smell like their favorite person (you), as a way of bonding.

9. Chewing Your Belongings

Sniffing these areas is a puppy's way of greeting and connecting with you.

10. Sniffing Private Areas


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