10 Ways Puppies Show Love

Clarifying the distinction between submissive urination and inappropriate urination, with advice on handling it.

1. Submissive Urination

Interpreting when a dog shows its belly, including potential invitations to play or requests for belly rubs.

2. Exposing the Abdomen

Describing how dogs avert their gaze to signal non-challenge or non-threat, debunking eye contact as dominance.

3. Averting Gaze

Discussing how ear position reflects a dog's emotions and intentions.

4. Ears Flattened or Held Back

Interpreting a lowered or tucked tail as a submissive or fearful signal.

5. Tail Lowered

Explaining why dogs may lower their bodies to appear non-threatening, regardless of fear.

6. Lowered Body Posture

Highlighting the respect and calming intent behind this behavior.

7.Licking Another Dog's Muzzle

Discussing lip licking as a common appeasement gesture, often seen in nervous or fearful dogs.

8. Lip Licking

Clarifying the difference between a submissive grin and aggressive bared teeth, emphasizing the friendly intent behind a relaxed body.

9. Smiling or Grinning


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