10 Types of Service Dogs

These intelligent dogs are trained to support individuals with mental illnesses.

1. Mental Health Dogs

Individuals suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) benefit from these dogs.

2. PTSD Therapy Dogs

Specially trained dogs with sensitive noses detect allergens in rooms and areas, helping people with severe allergies.

3. Allergy Detection

People with hearing loss rely on these dogs, which are trained to be aware of their environment and alert their handlers to important sounds.

4. Service Dogs for the Hearing Impaired

These dogs provide support and an emotional connection to individuals with Autism, helping them in overwhelming situations.

5. Autism Therapy Dogs

These dogs can sense drops in blood sugar levels on a person's breath by sniffing the air, providing a crucial alert for those with diabetes.

6. Diabetic Detection Dogs

Unlike mental health service dogs, therapy dogs offer comfort to those who are sick or grieving. They are chosen for their calm temperament and people skills.

7. Therapy Dogs

These dogs sense impending seizures in their handlers, allowing them to take precautions before the seizure occurs.

8. Seizure Detection Dogs

Known as "seeing eye dogs," they serve as the eyes for individuals with visual impairments, guiding them through daily obstacles and tasks.

9. Sight Guide Dogs

People with mobility issues rely on these dogs to assist with everyday tasks, such as reaching light switches or doorknobs.

10. Mobility Dogs

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