10 Tips for Stress-Free Cat Travel

Always use a carrier to keep your cat safe and avoid them squeezing into tight spaces in the car.

1. Secure Your Cat

Never leave your cat in a hot car, even with cracked windows. They can't handle the heat.

2.No Hot Cars

If your cat gets anxious, consult your vet about anxiety medication for the trip.

3. Consult Your Vet

Accidents happen, so pack cleaning supplies for any messes.

4. Pack Cleaning Supplies

Bring your cat's usual litter box to maintain familiarity.

5. Bring the Litter Box

If traveling with other pets, give your cat space from those they don't get along with.

6.Separate from Enemies

Ensure your cat is secured before opening any doors to prevent escape.

8. Secure Before Opening

Pack their favorite treats for a more enjoyable journey.

9.Favorite Treats

Stay patient and calm; your cat can sense your stress.

10. Patience is Key


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