10 Tips for Newly Married Couples

Treat your partner with kindness and respect, even during disagreements.

1. Respect Each Other

Don't hesitate to ask advice from married friends and family when facing challenges.

2. Seek Advice

You're now part of each other's families, so be civil and respectful to relatives, even if you don't always get along.

3. Embrace Both Families

Arguments can be constructive; take a moment to cool down and have a productive discussion instead of shouting.

4. Healthy Arguments

Discuss your long-term plans together, including finances, career, and family, to ensure you're on the same page.

5. Plan Your Future

Address jealousy by open communication rather than assumptions or secrecy.

6. Handle Jealousy

Keep clear records of shared expenses and bills to avoid financial disputes.

7. Money Matters

Maintain romance by scheduling regular date nights, even after marriage.

8. Date Nights

Don't blame each other for everything; focus on resolving the current issue without dragging in past problems.

9. Avoid Blame Games

Trust is essential; communicate openly when doubts arise to maintain a healthy relationship.

10. Trust

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