10 Tips for Introducing a Cat to a Dog Successfully

Before introductions, have both pets checked by a vet to ensure they're healthy and free from diseases.

1. Prioritize Health

Use a bathroom with a closed door to prevent escapes.

2. Choose a Secure Location

Swap soft items between rooms daily so they get used to each other's scents.

3. Mix Scents

Feed them on either side of a closed door, associating each other with positive things like food.

4. Mealtime Together

Allow the new pet to explore the house when the other is away.

5. Let Them Explore

Train your dog basic commands like "Stay" and "Come."

6. Dog Obedience

Use pheromone sprays for cats (Feliway) and dogs (Adaptil) to ease stress.

7. Consider Pheromone Sprays

Arrange a meeting in a neutral area while your dog is on a leash. Reward calm behavior.

8. Supervised Meet-and-Greet

Use positive reinforcement to reward both pets for calm and friendly interactions.

9. Reward Good Behavior

Repeat meetings until they are comfortable around each other.

10. Practice


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