10 Tips For Cat Proofing Your House

Keep fragile items out of reach until your cat proves it won't knock them over.

1. Protect Breakables

Anchor heavy or unstable furniture to prevent accidents.

2. Secure Furniture

Tape down cords and wires to avoid chewing hazards, and keep strings, yarn, and rubber bands away.

3. Manage Cords

Install screens on windows and secure blind cords to prevent escapes and accidents.

4. Window Safety

Remove toxic plants and replace them with cat-friendly options like orchids and African violets.

5. Pet-Friendly Plants

Lock cabinets containing harmful foods and substances, keeping your cat away from them.

6. Kitchen Caution

Keep chemicals and cleaners in secured cabinets to avoid poisoning risks.

7. Store Cleaners Safely

Lid trash cans, close washer/dryer doors, and keep toilet seats down to prevent mishaps.

8. Cover Receptacles

Use coverings and double-sided sticky tape to deter scratching, and provide a designated scratching post.

9. Protect Your Furniture

Keep knives, scissors, and razors out of reach to prevent accidents.

10. Hide Sharp Objects


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