10 Tips for Building a Better Relationship with Your Cat

Research suggests that it's best to let your cat initiate interactions. Cats are more likely to approach and enjoy your company when they choose to do so.

1. Let the Cat Take the Lead

Approach your cat with a non-threatening fingertip at their nose level to mimic their nose-to-nose greeting behavior. This can lead to a successful interaction.

2. Mimic Friendly Cat Greetings

Cats are sensitive to touch, and they often enjoy being petted on their forehead and cheeks. Avoid the tail area, as some cats may react negatively.

3. Pet Cats Where They Prefer

If your cat shows signs of discomfort like hissing, swatting, or tail swishing, back off and give them space. Respect their boundaries to build trust.

4. Respect Negative Feedback

Overfeeding can lead to health issues. Keep your cat at a healthy weight, as it can make them more affectionate and prevent health problems.

5. Maintain Portion Control

Cats need daily playtime to stay mentally and physically engaged. Interactive toys can help bond with your cat and keep them active.

6. Play Regularly

Indoor cats tend to be more in sync with their owners' schedules and are less likely to engage in nighttime activities. It's also safer for them.

7. Keep Your Cat Indoors

Handling and positive interactions with humans during kittenhood can lead to friendlier and more trusting adult cats.

8. Socialize Kittens Early

Consider your own personality and the cat's when adopting. Spend time with potential pets and foster if possible to find the right fit.

9. Match Personalities

Pay attention to your cat's body language and behaviors. This will help you understand their needs and build trust over time.

10. Observe Cat Behavior


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