10 Things You Think Are Toxic for Dogs — But Actually Aren't

These are often found in vitamin containers and clothing to prevent spoilage.

1. Silica Gel Packets

Commonly found in packaged foods, these contain iron powder, sodium chloride, and carbon.

2. Oxygen Absorbers

These traps contain multiple ingredients at low concentrations, making them unlikely to cause significant issues if ingested.

3. Ant and Roach Traps

The low levels of estrogen and iron in birth control pills usually don't reach toxic levels if a dog ingests them.

4. Birth Control Pills

Toilet water with tank "drop-ins" can be corrosive when concentrated but is generally only a mild irritant when diluted.

5. Chemically Treated Toilet Water

Most fertilizers are only GI irritants for dogs, but watch for added iron, insecticides, or pesticides, as they can increase toxicity.

6. Fertilizers with N-P-K

Freshly applied lawn herbicides can cause mild GI upset but are less likely to do so once dried.

7. Lawn Herbicides

Fire logs contain various materials, and while systemic toxicity is unlikely, ingestion might lead to GI upset and obstruction risk.

8. Fire Logs

Contrary to the myth, poinsettias cause only mild GI upset in dogs.

9. Poinsettia Plants

Glow jewelry contains an unpleasant-tasting substance.

10. Glow Sticks and Jewelry

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