10 Things You Didn't Know About John Wick's Dogs

The adorable beagle named Daisy, whose death sparked John Wick's vengeance in the first film, was portrayed by a talented animal actor named Andy.

1. Andy the Beagle

Originally, John Wick's faithful companion was a beagle named Daisy, inherited from his deceased wife.

2. John's dog almost escaped alive

After Daisy's death, John Wick adopts a pitbull to save her from euthanasia.

3. Pitbull

During the filming of John Wick 3 in New York, Cha Cha, the dog playing Wick's pitbull, got into a fight with a horse on the set.

4. Dog vs Horse

In John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum, John seeks help from Sophia Al-Awar, played by Halle Berry.

5. Malinois Shepherd

Although not directly related to the dogs of John Wick, Halle Berry's Belgian Shepherd becomes the scene-stealer in Chapter 3.

6. Halle Berry Bonds With Dogs

John Wick 3's action set in Morocco evoked the natural instincts and added an element of the unexpected to the scenes.

7. Cats On The Set!

The John Wick franchise prioritizes practical stunt work, which extends to dog performances.

8. No CGI Dogs Here

In John Wick 3, one of Sofia's dogs performs a remarkable stunt where it leaps off her back and onto a second-floor balcony.

9. Climbing Wall

Andy, the actor who plays John Wick's first dog, Daisy, wasn't the most experienced performer during filming.

10. Bacon in the morning