10 things you didn't know about dogs

Dogs can get similar diseases to humans, aiding medical research and clinical trials.

1. Disease Detectives

They can also detect diseases in humans like cancer, diabetes, and epilepsy through their keen sense of smell.

2. Disease Detectors

Some dog breeds are as smart as 2-year-old children, while others prioritize hunting instincts over intelligence.

3. Canine Intelligence

Contrary to the myth, dogs' mouths aren't cleaner than humans', and they can carry pathogens harmful to humans.

4. Health Risks

Dogs can feel envy, as shown when they see other dogs getting treats for tricks they performed unrewarded.

5. Envy in Dogs

Those guilty-looking eyes when scolded are just a reaction, not actual guilt.

6. No Guilt Trip

Obedient, docile breeds tend to live longer lives than bold, aggressive ones.

7. Obedience and Longevity

Dogs exhibit incredible diversity in body shape, allowing genetic studies.

8. Diverse Dog Breeds

Dogs have had spiritual roles in various ancient cultures.

9. Dogs in History