10 Things You Can Do To Get 2 Dogs to Get Along

Introduce the dogs in a neutral area, like a dog park, with help from another person to ensure a positive first meeting.

First Impressions

Walk both dogs together, with humans forming a barrier between them, allowing them to get used to each other's presence.

Take a Long Walk Together

When returning home, ensure people enter first, followed by the resident dog, and then the new dog. This creates a welcoming atmosphere.

Home Sweet Home

Let the dogs decide who takes the lead; don't force a hierarchy. Some dogs are content not being the pack leader.

Establishing Leadership

Feed dogs separately, provide separate beds and toys, and prevent resource guarding to avoid conflicts.

Respect Their Space

Determine what triggers stress or aggression between dogs, and try to eliminate those stressors, like closing curtains during mail deliveries.

Identify Stressors

Regular exercise helps release endorphins and reduces aggression.

Increase Exercise

Ensure your dog receives high-quality protein, which aids mood regulation.

Diet Matters

Teach your dogs basic obedience commands to create predictability and reduce stress.


Massages, TTouch, and aromatherapy can help relax stressed dogs.

Relaxation Techniques


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