10 Things to Avoid Doing Around Your Dog

While humans may love hugs, many dogs find them uncomfortable and threatening. It's best to let your dog initiate cuddles.

1. Hugging

Just like humans, dogs appreciate their personal space. Avoid getting in their face or rushing towards them, especially if they're unfamiliar with you.

2. Invading Personal Space

Dogs explore the world primarily through scent, so let them sniff and explore during walks to keep them engaged and happy.

3. Limiting Exploration

Dogs thrive on routines and rules. Establishing a daily schedule and training your dog provides structure and boosts their confidence.

4. Lack of Routine

Yelling and harsh punishments can upset and scare dogs. Positive reinforcement is a more effective training method.

5. Yelling and Harsh Punishment

Most dogs don't enjoy being dressed up, so be mindful of their comfort when considering outfits or costumes.

6. Dressing Them Up

Dogs have highly sensitive noses, so avoid spraying them with strong fragrances or exposing them to chemicals that can irritate their senses.

7. Strong Fragrances

Dogs are social animals and may dislike being left alone for extended periods. Spend quality time with them and consider a pet sitter if needed.

8. Being Left Alone

Respect your dog's fears and phobias instead of forcing them into uncomfortable situations. Gradual exposure and positive reinforcement are better approaches.

9. Forcing Uncomfortable Situations

Dogs can sense your emotions, so if you're going through a tough time, it might affect your dog. Pay attention to their behavior and seek help if needed.

10.Being Upset


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