10 Things Humans Do That Dogs Hate

Dogs rely on body language more than words to understand us.

1. Using Words More Than Body Language

While humans may enjoy hugs, most dogs find them uncomfortable, even threatening.

2. Hugging Your Dog

Dogs often don't like having their heads petted. Focus on areas like their back or rear end instead.

3. Petting a Dog's Face or Patting Her Head

Direct eye contact with an unfamiliar dog can be seen as a sign of dominance or aggression.

4. Walking Up to a Strange Dog While Looking Her in the Eye

Dogs thrive with clear rules and boundaries. Inconsistency can confuse them.

5. Not Providing Structure and Rules

Respect your dog's preferences for social interactions, and don't force them into uncomfortable situations.

6. Forcing Your Dog to Interact With Dogs or People She Doesn't Like

Dogs love to explore with their noses.

7. Going for Walks Without Giving an Opportunity to Explore and Smell

A tight leash can convey tension to your dog. Use a slack leash to signal that everything is calm.

8. Keeping a Tight Leash

Dogs can sense human tension. If you're stressed, your dog might become stressed too.

9. Being Tense

Dogs thrive on interaction and stimulation. Try to engage with your dog even when you're busy.

10. Being Boring

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