10 Things Dog Owners Should Never Say

Don't assume your dog's friendliness gives them free rein; respect others' space.

It's OK, My Dog Is Friendly

Be cautious, as even the most loving dogs can bite under certain circumstances.

Oh, My Dog Would Never Bite

Understand your dog's behavior and take responsibility when necessary.

It's Not My Dog's Fault

Intervene when needed; don't let dogs sort out complex social dynamics.

Let Them Work It Out Themselves

Learn to read your dog's body language to spot subtle signs of discomfort.

There Was No Warning

Don't use this as an excuse for inappropriate behavior; know when it's genuine play.

He Just Wants to Play

Respect boundaries, as not all dogs will love every person.

Dogs Love Me

Be aware that different kids may trigger different reactions in your dog.

My Dog Is Great With Kids

Not all behavior issues can be attributed to a rescue dog's past.

He's a Rescue So [Excuse for Poor Behavior

Avoid overusing the term "dominant" to explain every behavior; consider training instead.

"He's Doing That to Be Dominant"


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