10 Symptoms of Separation Anxiety in Dogs

Dogs with separation anxiety often bark or howl persistently when left alone.

1. Barking & Howling

They may pace near the door or throughout the house, especially when their owner is away.

2. Pacing

Some dogs have accidents indoors due to anxiety, even if they are potty trained.

3. Urinating & Defecating

Increased salivation and panting can indicate nervousness and anxiety.

4. Salivating & Panting

Restlessness when left alone is a sign of anxiety; dogs may struggle to relax.

5. Restlessness

In severe cases, dogs may attempt to escape their confinement, causing harm to themselves.

6. Trying to Escape

Dogs might engage in destructive behaviors like chewing furniture, especially when alone.

7. Destructive Behaviors

If your dog sticks to you like glue after you return home, it could be a sign of lingering anxiety.

8. Clingy Behavior

Dogs may show signs of anxiety when they sense your departure routine, such as getting ready for work.

9. Nervousness & Excitement

While happy greetings are normal, excessive excitement, trembling, or urination might suggest anxiety.

10. Overly Excited Greetings


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