"10 Steps to Strengthen Your Relationship Before Marriage"

Treat your courtship as a dating period to bond and get comfortable with each other.

1. Dating Phase

Spend quality time talking on the phone to reveal your true selves and connect.

2. Late-Night Talks

Take a trip, even a day-long road trip, to strengthen your bond.

3. Travel Together

Discuss everything from past experiences to future dreams to truly understand each other.

4. Ask Questions

Bond with each other's families to build personal relationships and ease future interactions.

5. Family Time

Define clear expectations for roles, responsibilities, and future plans as a couple.

6. Set Expectations

Don't shy away from arguments; they can help you learn how to resolve conflicts together.

7. Healthy Arguments

Write love letters to each other as reminders of your feelings, even on tough days.

8. Love Notes

Get to know each other's friends to better understand your partner's life.

9. Friends Matter

Talk about spending and saving habits to avoid money-related conflicts in the future.

10. Discuss Finances