10 Sleep-Loving Dog Breeds

Bulldogs are renowned for their laziness and snoring. They make excellent snuggle buddies.


These small dogs are pros at napping, anytime and anywhere.

Shih Tzu

Large breeds like Mastiffs burn energy slowly and enjoy plenty of rest.


Basset Hounds will nap anywhere, even taking quick "cat naps."

Basset Hound

Despite bursts of energy, French Bulldogs are breakfast-and-back-to-bed types.

French Bulldog

Originally pampered by Chinese Imperials, Pekingese are cuddly and love sleep.


Surprisingly, Greyhounds, known for sprinting, recuperate with long naps.


These dogs enjoy playtime but quickly settle down for couch naps, often on your bed.

Lhasa Apso

Lap-loving Cavaliers will nap all day, especially if you're nearby.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

These large dogs embrace sleep, a relief considering their size.

Saint Bernard

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