10 Simple Eye Exercises That Will Improve Your Vision and Eyesight

Enhance eye flexibility and focus by switching between a close-up object and a distant one.

1. Near & Far Focusing

Strengthen eye muscles and flexibility by tracing an imaginary "eight."

2. Figure of Eight

Relieve eye fatigue by warming your palms and covering your eyes.

3. Palming

Reduce eye strain by looking at a distant object for 20 seconds every 20 minutes.

5. 20-20-20 Rule

Relieve eye fatigue through thumb-focused exercises.

6. Zooming

Relax eyes after screen time by focusing on distant objects and your thumb.

7. Refocusing

Correct binocular vision defects by bringing a pencil closer until you see double and then back.

8. Pencil Push-Ups

Strengthen eye muscles by following a sequence of gaze directions.

9. Around the World

Relieve eye strain by moving your gaze in various directions.

10. Roll Your Eyes

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