10 Signs Your Dog Has Imprinted on You

If your dog follows you everywhere like a shadow, it's a sign they've imprinted on you and consider you their best friend and protector.

1. Constant Companionship

When you come back home, your dog's uncontrollable happiness and wagging tail are indicators of their deep affection and trust in you.

2. Excitement Upon Your Return

Dogs are sensitive to their owners' emotions.

3. Emotional Mirroring

Your dog seeks physical affection and attention from you, whether it's cuddling, licking, or wanting to be close.

4. Seeking Affection

Dogs use eye contact to express affection and trust. They may gaze at you with those "puppy eyes," a sign of their attachment.

5. Maintaining Eye Contact

In new environments or situations, your dog checks in on you to ensure you're okay.

6. Checking In on You

Dogs that have imprinted on you are highly responsive to your commands as they aim to please you and strengthen your bond.

7. Responsive to Your Commands

Dogs often snuggle with your belongings, like shoes or laundry, because they find comfort in your scent.

8. Snuggling Your Belongings

A relaxed, wiggling body and soft gaze indicate your dog's comfort and trust around you.

9. Relaxed Posture

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