10 Signs a Woman is Sexually Attracted to You

When a lady finds you attractive, she won't be able to resist sneaking glances at you.

1. She Sneaks Glances

Women tend to maintain extended eye contact when they want to flirt. Observe how long she holds your gaze during conversations.

2. Prolonged Eye Contact

If she dresses up more when she anticipates seeing you, it's a sign she wants you to find her appealing.

3. Dressing to Impress

People who are attracted to you tend to stay within your personal space.

4. Leaning In

Biting her lip while looking at you is a seductive gesture that hints at her desire for intimacy.

5. Lip Biting

Women often play with their hair to draw attention.

6. Hair Play

Physical touch is a powerful indicator of attraction.

7. Seeking Physical Contact

Listen for any shifts in her tone of voice when she's being flirty.

8. Voice Change

When a woman is attracted to you, her face lights up with a smile whenever she sees you.

9. She's Always Happy  Around You 

If she becomes more considerate of your feelings and preferences, it's a sign she cares deeply about you.

10. Extra Consideration

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