10 Signs a Guy Is Nervous Because He Likes You

If he's typically confident but acts anxious around you, it might indicate he has a crush on you.

1. Unusual Nervousness

Shy guys may find subtle ways to touch you, like grazing your arm or knee.

2. Subtle Touches

He might be too nervous to talk to you directly, so he asks your friends about you.

3. Asking Friends About You

He might unconsciously mimic your movements when interacting with you.

4. Mirroring Your Body Language

Nervousness can lead to fidgeting or hand-wringing, especially if he's into you.

5. Fidgeting

He tends to stand or sit close to you, seeking subtle physical contact.

6. Proximity

He smiles a lot when you're around, and it's a sincere, engaging smile.

7. Frequent Smiles

He looks at you often, even if he avoids direct eye contact.

8. Eye Contact

He's interested in your likes, dislikes, and what you do, but he may let you lead the conversation.

9. Listening to You

If he mumbles around you, it could be due to nervousness, especially if he doesn't mumble with others.

10. Mumbling