10 Signs a Guy Is Nervous Because He Likes You

Consistently like and comment on their posts, and use Snapchat to start flirty conversations.

1. Engage on Social Media

Maintain eye contact during conversations to show genuine interest.

2. Eye Contact

Use emojis strategically to convey playfulness and interest.

3. Emojis Speak Volumes

A simple wave and "hi" when you pass by can make a big impression.

4. Friendly Greetings

Invite your crush to join group activities to reduce pressure.

5. Group Hangouts

Begin with a simple message, then keep the conversation flowing.

6. Start Conversations

Show you care by recalling and referencing things your crush has shared with you.

7. Remember Details

Initiate conversations with thoughtful questions about their day or interests.

8. Ask Questions

Give them genuine compliments to boost their confidence.

9. Compliment Sincerely

Lightly touch their arm or hand during conversations for added connection.

10. Subtle Physical Contact