10 Sense-Abilities That Dogs Possess

Dogs have an amazing ability to smell. Their noses are equipped with millions of smell receptors.

1. Super Smell

Dogs have extremely sensitive ears that can pick up on sounds beyond the range of human hearing.

2. Sharp Hearing

Although dogs cannot see in complete darkness, they have better night vision than humans.

3. Night Vision

Dogs have the ability to sense temperature changes. They can also detect slight changes in body heat.

4. Thermal Perception

Dogs have an extraordinary sense of touch. Their bodies are equipped with sensitive nerve endings, especially in their paws and whiskers.

5. Touch Sensitivity

Dogs have a highly developed sense of taste. Although their taste buds may not be as refined as those of humans.

6. Taste Discretion

Dogs have an innate sense of their body position and spatial awareness.

7. Body Awareness

Dogs have an amazing ability to sense the passage of time. Can predict events based on signs such as the return of their owner.

8. Time Sense

One of the most remarkable sensory-abilities of dogs is their emotional sensitivity.

9. Emotional Sensitivity

Although it remains a matter of debate, many dog owners believe that their furry friends have a sixth sense, or intuitive ability.

10. Sixth Sense