10 Secrets Smart Women Keep

Smart women don’t go around calling attention to their perceived imperfections. They highlight the attributes they like and rock what they have.

1. Body Positivity

Sharing every detail of your relationship's ups and downs may erode your couple's image among friends.

2. Relationship Rollercoaster

No need to share the times you "went a little crazy" over a breakup; it won't benefit your future relationships.

3. Post-Breakup Drama

There’s no need to disclose the number of past partners. Focus on sharing the results of your STD tests instead.

4. Bedroom Confidential

While many peek at their partner's ex on social media, it's best to keep your conclusions to yourself.

5. Cyber-Stalking Secrets

Allow others to do their best without pointing out how you could do it better.

6. Graceful Gestures

Don't bring up your ex in your current relationship. Talk to trusted friends or therapists if needed.

7. Ex Talk

Money is tricky; have decorum when discussing your finances.

8. Money Matters

Avoid sharing personality conflicts about loved ones unless necessary.

9. Family and Friend Opinions

Betraying trust is a sign you cannot and should not be trusted.

10. Keeping Others' Secrets

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