10 Safety Tips for Walking Your Dog at Night

Dress in bright or reflective clothing to stay visible.

1. Wear Bright Colors

Use reflective dog leashes and collars to increase visibility.

2. Reflective Gear

Avoid exploring new areas at night; stick to familiar routes.

3. Stick to Familiar Routes

Walk on sidewalks whenever possible, and watch for obstacles.

4. Stay on the Sidewalk

Stay alert and avoid distractions like headphones or phone use.

5. Avoid Distractions

When on the street, walk against traffic for better visibility.

6. Walk Against Traffic

Bring a flashlight for visibility and managing dog waste.

7. Carry a Flashlight

Carry your ID and ensure your dog has updated identification.

8. Bring Identification

Have your cell phone for emergencies but avoid distractions.

9. Carry Your Cell Phone

Keep your dog on a leash, even if well-trained, for safety."

10. Always Use a Leash

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