Top 10 Smelliest Dog Breeds

Known for their size and drooling tendencies, requiring regular grooming.

Saint Bernard

Wrinkles can trap bacteria, and flat faces can lead to snorting and wheezing.

English Bulldog

Flat faces can cause snorting and heavy breathing, leading to more odor.


Their keen sense of smell is balanced by their distinctive musky odor.


Floppy ears can trap moisture and bacteria, leading to an unpleasant smell.


Long, silky hair can hold onto odors, and dental problems can cause bad breath.

Yorkshire Terrier

Luxurious coats can become tangled and matted, leading to odor.

American Cocker Spaniel

Droopy faces and long ears trap dirt and bacteria, and they tend to drool.

Basset Hound

Athletic and energetic but may have a distinct "doggy" odor.


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