10 Reasons Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats

Dogs instinctively protect their homes and owners, alerting you to intruders or strange noises. Cats are more likely to flee from potentially threatening situations.

1. Your Dog Will Watch Your Back

Dogs require daily exercise, motivating their owners to stay active through activities like walks and play. Cat owners often have less physical engagement with their pets.

2. Dogs Encourage an Active Lifestyle

Walking your dog can lead to social interactions with others, acting as a conversation starter. Cats, being independent, don't usually join their owners on outings.

3. Your Pet Pooch Can Get You New Friends

Dogs respond well to training using rewards and praise. They readily learn commands and tricks. Training cats can be more challenging, as they may not respond to rewards as effectively.

4. It’s Simpler to Train Dogs

Dogs typically respond to their names when called, while cats can be more aloof and independent.

5. Dogs Are More Responsive

House-trained dogs relieve themselves outdoors during walks, minimizing indoor mess. Cat owners need to manage litter boxes, including cleaning and dealing with odors.

6. Dogs Don’t Need Litter Boxes

Dogs adapt to new environments relatively quickly, provided their owners remain calm. Cats may take longer to adjust to changes.

7. Dogs Appear Calm and Accepting When Confronted With Change

Dogs have versatile capabilities, such as police work, search and rescue, medical detection, and assisting people with disabilities. Cats are primarily used as therapy animals.

8. Dogs Can Perform Bigger & Smarter Roles

Dogs can sense approaching storms, earthquakes, pregnancy, and even oncoming seizures in their owners. Cats don't possess these predictive abilities.

9. Dogs Can Predict Many Things

Dogs come in a wide range of breeds, sizes, and temperaments, allowing you to choose a pet that suits your lifestyle. While cats vary in appearance, they have less diversity in size and behavior.

10. Adopt a Pup From A Varied Range Of Dog Breeds