10 Reasons We Adore Dogs More Than Most People

Maintain your pet's daily schedule for feeding, potty breaks, and walks.

1. Stick to Routine

Pets need downtime, so let them have quiet moments.

2. Allow Rest Time

Offer long-lasting chew treats or toys to keep them entertained during your work calls or homeschooling.

3. Provide Chewing Treats

Find ways to keep your pet active, like playing fetch indoors or in your backyard.

4. Exercise Together

Teach your pet new tricks or use puzzle toys to challenge their minds.

5. Mental Stimulation

Pets have sensitive hearing, so keep noise levels down.

6. Be Quiet

Get children involved in pet care and teach them to understand pet body language.

7. Involve Kids

Stick to their regular diet and limit treats to 10% of their daily calories.

8. Healthy Diet

Designate a quiet area where your pet can relax undisturbed.

9. Create a Safe Space

Get creative with DIY pet toys and enrichment activities.

10. DIY Fun


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