10 Reasons to Love a Dog Person

Dog lovers are more likely to share their bed with a furry friend.

1. Willing to Share the Bed

A dog lover understands the charm of doggy kisses.

2. Doesn't Mind Dog Kisses

They won't question your priorities when your dog needs attention.

3. Understands Your Dog Comes First

Finding someone who shares your love for dogs can strengthen your relationship.

4. Shares Your Passion

Dog lovers won't criticize your spending on your furry companion.

5. Won't Complain About Spending

Dog-friendly vacations become a joy for both.

6. Will Let the Dog Come Too

Dog lovers are no strangers to dog hair, making it a non-issue.

7. Won't Mind Dog Hair

They won't mind scrolling through your dog pics in your phone.

8. Is OK That Your Phone is Full of Dog Pics

They'll happily spoil your dog with gifts.

9. Buys Your Dog Gifts

Dog lovers understand the importance of cuddling and sharing attention with your dog.

10.Willing to Share You

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