10 Reasons for Hair Loss Around a Cat's Ears

Some cats lose hair on their ears due to genetics. There's no treatment for this.

1. Hereditary Hair Loss

These tiny mites cause itching and hair loss on the ears. Treatment involves cleaning and medication.

2. Ear Mites

Flea bites can lead to itching and hair loss around the head and ears. Flea control products can help.

3. Fleas

A fungal infection can cause bald spots. Treatment options include antifungal remedies.

4. Ringworm

Contagious mites result in itching and hair loss, mainly on the face and ears. Treatment involves mite removal.

5. Mange

Allergic reactions to food can lead to hair loss around the ears. Identifying and eliminating problem foods can help.

6. Food Allergies

Stress can cause excessive grooming and hair loss. Reduce stressors and provide stimulation.

7. Chronic Stress

This autoimmune-related condition may cause hair loss around the head and neck. It's treated by identifying food allergies.

8. Alopecia Areata

Inhalant allergies can lead to itching around the ears. Reducing allergen exposure and medication can help.

9. Atopy

Some cats naturally lose hair between their eyes and ears, especially those with dark, short fur. It's usually considered normal.

10. Facial Alopecia


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