10 Reasons Dogs Are Better Than Guys

Dogs don't care how you look or if you're in sweats. They won't judge your appearance or choices.

1. Non-Judgmental

Your dog will love you just the way you are, no makeup or weight loss required.

2. Unconditional Love

Training a dog to shake hands is way more fun than training a man to put down the toilet seat.

3. Easy to Train

Dogs won't send you unwanted photos you can't unsee.

4. No Unsolicited Pics

Snuggling is their specialty, no complaints about your hair or body temperature.

5. Always Ready to Snuggle

Dogs won't label you clingy or crazy for being open with your feelings.

6. No Drama

They're always thrilled to see you, making you their favorite person.

7. Pure Excitement

Dogs love you more than they love themselves, and it shows.

8. Undeniable Love

Dogs don't have phones, so no texting drama. They're with you as soon as you're home.

9. No Waiting for Texts

Dogs prioritize you, food, toys, and sleep – in that order.

10. Clear Priorities


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