10 Reasons Cats Are Pawsome

Cats find joy in the little things like boxes, strings, and random objects.

Simple Pleasures

Cats encourage us to slow down and enjoy the moment, often by sitting on our laps (c.o.l.).

Forcing Relaxation

Cats are excellent at self-grooming, stress reduction, and stretching, teaching us valuable lessons.

Self-Care Masters

Cats have a knack for posing in photogenic ways and understanding color theory.

Visual Aesthetes

Cats seem to spot things we can't, displaying their mysterious instincts.

Mysterious Perception

The soothing frequencies of cat purrs can promote healing and relieve pain.

Healing Purrs

Petting cats can lower blood pressure and reduce stress hormones.

Blood Pressure Allies

Cats' natural curiosity reminds us of the value of being inquisitive and open-minded.

Curiosity Boosters